Our story

10NINE all started when two footballing brothers wanted to start their own clothing brand. They are known for their footballing skills on the number 10 and number 9 position. One was the central midfielder who orchestrates the gameplay and the other one was the striker, the finisher. Hence the name 10NINE which is a fitting description of the way they played.

But these numbers represent more than just the positions on a football field. These positions represent certain values and traits which can be translated into our daily lives. And these values are what 10NINE nowadays stands for!


The number 10 stands for the leader on the pitch. The one who controls the play and gives the ball to the right people. We at 10NINE love that philosophy and that’s exactly what we do. We want to take the lead in the clothing industry by using bio materials and working together with the right people to offer the best quality. 


The striker can be found in front of the pitch, scoring the goals. He is the one who shines and he likes it. We feel that way too, because if you don’t feel proud about your brand, no one will. We score the goals by designing high quality products which catch the eye and stand out next to the competition.


When our values come together a certain phrase comes to mind which represents us perfectly, and that is ‘Be The Change’. We want to change the world with our products but you can do that too. ‘Be The Change’ represents an idea. An idea you can change the world too. Grab every opportunity and change the world the way you want to!